Best e-cigarettes and vaporizer batteries

Lithium-ion batteries that are used in e-cigarettes can be recharged and also lasts for a longer period of time. However, they still wear out and need replacement at some point of time. Though it is not quite expensive to buy a battery for your e cigarette nicotine liquid, yet it can add up to the cost. Fortunately enough there are things by which you can make sure there is maximum utilization of the battery.

Here are some tips that will help you to extend the 21700 Battery life of the device.

Use the Battery on a Regular Basis: The benefit of using your vap 21700 Battery is quite like exercising regularly. The more the performance of the battery, much easier is the flow of power through the electronic cigarette battery. The lithium-ion has been designed in a manner to be used regularly. This is the reason it is also commonly used in cell phones.

Be Careful Where you are Storing your 21700 Battery: You need to be careful about the place that you are keeping your battery. Though this is more of common sense, yet you might get careless at times and bring harm to your device. Keep in mind that heat and direct sunlight will have an adverse effect on the battery span. Also, you must be aware of the fact that water and electricity, when combined, can prove to be very dangerous. So make sure that you keep your battery away from water. You should also protect your electronic cigarette from being dropped on the floor.

Charge the Battery Before it has Drained Out: If you wait until our battery has fully drained out then it might reduce the life span of the battery. Charge the 21700 Battery when you notice a loss in power. It is much easier for a battery with some amount of charge to be recharged quite easily when compared to the one that is absolutely drained.

Don’t Store the Battery with Less than Half Charge: If you have kept a battery to be used in future, you should make sure that the battery has a full charge. If you store them below 50% charge then the charge will drain out within a short period of time. Thus, harder the work, shorter is the battery life.

Disconnect Cartomizer when Not in Use: When you feel that you will not be using the product for a longer period of time, disconnect the cartomizer that is connected to the battery. The cartomizer containing e cigarette nicotine liquid always drains out some amount of e-juice even if you are not using it. Thus, if you disconnect the cartomizer then you will be able to increase the duration of time between the charges. This, of course, extends the life span of the battery.

Unscrew the Battery when Done Charging: When you are finished charging the battery, take it out of the charger as soon as possible. By doing this, you can make sure that you are not over-charging the e-cig battery. Overcharging can overwork the electronic cigarette and thus, reduce its life span. The only time this tip won’t apply is the time when you are first charging your battery.

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